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Lori Severson - Author - Speaker - Coach - Contact

Lori is an:

  • Expert Coach focused on developing professional world changing women helping them to move from being consumed by busyness to leading fulfilling lives with fewer limits.  
  • Experienced presenter with 20+ years in front of business and professional audiences
  • Amazon Bestselling Author of the novel:  An Unexpected Journey, One Woman’s Whale Tale (August 2017)  

    An Unexpected Journey - book cover - Lori Severson

    Speaker Profile

    Lori believes that “when women suffer, the world suffers, so let’s not do it anymore.”
    In her corporate life Lori was on stages and in rooms teaching and presenting to audiences of 10-300 plus.  She has led small intimate group conversations and facilitated large group presentations with success. She is a great story teller and shares her own story freely.  Her messages are simple. For women to decrease work related suffering, they need to realign with their values, manage overwhelm; master difficult relationships and stay focused on what truly matters.  She encourages her audiences, to reflect, make light of themselves and reconnect with the key part of themselves that yearns to be happy and make a positive contribution at work.

    Here’s a few of her Key Speaking Topics:

Tapping Into Intuition

  • Re-connecting with your intuition, which little voice are you listening to?
  • How intuition relates to effectiveness at work
  • Letting your values guide you

Taking Inspired Action

  • Leading a fulfilling career that aligns with your strengths, values and priorities

Overcoming Obstacles

  • Tackling the busy-ness beast and taming overwhelm
  • Discovering what drives conflict at work and how to manage it more successfully


Contact Lori’s office today if you have a group of women who’d like to be inspired, engaged and motivated to action.

An Unexpected Journey - book cover - Lori Severson

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