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Lori believes that “A woman’s greatest strength is how she leads, and the time to lead is now.”

As an HR expert and trainer, Lori spent much of her 20+ years of corporate life on stages and in rooms teaching and presenting to audiences of 10-300 plus. She has led small intimate group conversations and facilitated large group presentations with success. For women to lead more successfully, and decrease work-related stress and burnout, Lori often teaches her Re-alignment Methodology. It helps women to realign with their strengths, goals and values, and help them get clear on the positive action needed. She helps women manage overwhelm; master difficult relationships and stay focused on what truly matters. She encourages her audiences to reflect, make light of themselves and reconnect with the key part of themselves that yearns to be happy and make a positive contribution at work. Your audience will be able to connect with each other, your company’s mission and to their best leadership after Lori’s session.

  • Lori is an expert Coach focused on developing world changing women, helping them to move from being consumed by busyness to leading fulfilling careers and lives with fewer limits.
  • Lori is an experienced presenter with 20+ years in front of business and professional audiences.
  • Lori is an Amazon Bestselling Author of the novel An Unexpected Journey, One Woman’s Whale Tale.

Here are a few of Lori’s key speaking topics:

Tapping into intuition: Becoming The Leader You Have Always Wanted to Be

  • Re-connecting with your intuition, which little voice are you listening to?
  • Learning how intuition relates to effectiveness at work and builds strength
  • Connecting your values and your company’s values to become unstoppable

Overcoming Obstacles to Become a Resilient Leader

  • Tackling the busy-ness beast and taming overwhelm to raise your work results
  • Discovering what drives conflict at work and how to manage it more successfully
  • Realigning to your best strengths and how to bring the best out in others

Taking Inspired Action When Stress Is High

  • Leading a fulfilling career that aligns with your strengths, values and priorities
  • Finding inspiration even when you are in a system that feels broken
  • The tool to becoming unstoppable no matter the stress level

Contact Lori’s office @ 480-227-0904 if you have women who’d like to be inspired, engaged and motivated to action.

“Lori worked monthly with my Medical Executive Committee of 30 healthcare leaders building fundamental and elevated skill sets. Lori has a dynamic style and broad expertise to foster both the understanding and implementation of dynamic leadership concepts. Lori was a highly valuable asset empowering change leaders who learned to better understand themselves and how to partner with stakeholders.”
Glenn Rothman MD FACS

Chief of Staff, Banner Desert Medical Center & Cardon Children’s Medical Center

“Lori is an amazing, dynamic Speaker, Facilitator, and coach. Lori worked with me and our executive team at Banner Desert and Cardon Children’s Medical Centers to develop and implement a leadership education series. Lori provided excellent leadership principles and theory for the leaders to use in their practice. She coached individual leaders as they need support with conflict management, self-assessment, managing stress and resilience. She skillfully guided the executive team through major changes and helped solidify a culture of Caring and accountability.”
Rhonda Anderson

CEO, Cardon Children’s Medical Center

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