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Harmony is the new success.

The zero sum game is over.

It’s time to unapologetically align with ourselves, prioritize collaboration over competition and create harmony with people, planet AND profit.

Coach. Consultant. Author.

Welcome to the new game of harmony, where you attend to your people, the planet AND profit. This harmonic way of leading, the way you can lead as a woman is your greatest strength…and the time to lead is now.

Lori works with highly conscious, successful women leaders to shift the inner game of leadership. Using her Harmonic Leadership framework, Lori guides leaders away from discord and into clarity, confidence and aligned action. With a clear mind, heart and vision, leaders will be ready to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

Conscious leaders with feminine intelligence are positioned to inspire and engage those around them in new and powerful ways. Being emotionally intelligent, collaborative and caring are characteristics that are your intelligence and POWER as a woman leader. Harmonic leadership is about harnessing this power focusing your natural and learned talents to bring you the results you seek for yourself, your business, and your society.

You don’t need to be anyone other than you.


I want less discord at work


I want clarity


I want more freedom & confidence to be myself


I want increased respect


I want more ease, less stress and overwhelm


I want to be ready for the next challenge/role/job


I want to feel aligned and more in harmony


Harnessing feminine intelligence, leaders are guided into the practice of being aligned with their true selves in whatever endeavor they choose to lead.


Lori helps leaders gain alignment with themselves, those they lead and the organization, dispelling discord and increasing harmony and desired results.


Using decades of experience in coaching female leaders, Lori’s writing invites readers to take inspired leadership journeys with her Amazon bestseller An Unexpected Journey: One Woman’s Whale Tale.

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