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An organization rarely fails due to a lack of technical skills.

Most businesses have the skills and talents they need, yet lack leaders with the interpersonal savvy to inspire their teams to positive and meaningful action.  When a skilled individual contributor works their way up to senior leader roles, often a lack of emotional intelligence begins to degrade their team.  This lack of understanding of the importance of skills on the people side of business can make or break a culture.  While harder to see and measure, the interpersonal skills of leaders contribute to profitability, results and the overall culture that attracts and keeps the best of the best.

Lori’s many years in big business, playing managerial and individual contributor roles and that of internal consultant/coach make her uniquely qualified to bring interpersonal skills to the forefront for leaders in an accessible & enduring way.  Her Leader as Coach program contributes to increased effectiveness for both leaders and organizations.

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The Leader as Coach program is a multi-faceted development program designed for leaders.

In today’s complex work environments our leaders are called upon to play many roles, and many leaders today are working leaders. Leading requires the ability to manage change, navigate interpersonal challenges and empower workers to make effective decisions. Most leader’s jobs have expanded beyond their technical expertise and just directing the work. They need to be interpersonally savvy and skilled at guiding people versus directing work. They also benefit from knowing how to inspire workers in times of change, challenge and declining resources.


The Leader as Coach program endeavors to create a journey for leaders that includes:

  • Keen insight into themselves, their values and their way of leading
  • Learning how to be the most successful with their unique set of skills, experience and values
  • New insight to those they lead, learning how to be the best leader for each of their team members
  • Interpersonal skills to increase their ability to get the most from their teams
  • Building enhanced relationships with their peers, direct reports and boss

Primary objectives of the Leader as Coach program are to:

  • Provide an understanding and application of coaching for leaders
  • Create personal insight that drives positive behavioral change for leaders
  • Prepare leaders to empower their teams more, creating a more productive, fulfilled workforce

Key components of the Leader as Coach program include:

  • A values self-assessment with full report for leaders
  • Group learning activities designed specifically for the senior leadership team and the next level of leaders
  • Self-reflection opportunities that drive new insights and aha’s
  • Small group learning cohorts that are application oriented driven by real life leadership situations with guidance from an expert Coach
  • A buddy peer pairing so leaders can meet and support their personal learning & challenges throughout the life of the program

Reasons to pursue building a Leader as Coach culture for leaders:

  • Navigate the 21st century challenges of leading/managing
  • Create a more empowered, agile & effective workforce
  • Increase critical thinking, creativity and empowerment for your workforce
  • Continue to enhance trust of leaders in your workplace
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