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Harmonic Leadership

Harmonic Leadership is the outcome you achieve when you consciously align feminine and masculine qualities, work from clarity and show up as your true, most powerful self.

Lori’s harmonic leadership framework helps you identify what may be holding you back from being a more effective leader, the limitations of your own personal glass ceiling and how to work from a place of values alignment and integrity.

Harmonic Leadership Journey

Most women leaders will encounter the following elements on their personal leadership journey:

1. Discord

Identify what is holding you back and contributing to your dissatisfaction or struggles at work. We will dismantle barriers that get in the way of you showing up more powerfully.

2. Release

Discover the hidden forces at work that are driving how you show up and uncover what is working and what is not. You will be encouraged to let go of old habits and mindsets and learn how to challenge the game in new and effective ways.

3. Re-alignment

Integrate fresh insight and practices that align to who you are as a leader, which includes navigating barriers you cannot change. As you clear the clutter, you will get clarity, focus and confidence.

4. Harmony

Align with your values, priorities, and renew self-trust. You will bring this newfound clarity into whatever endeavor you choose to lead.

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