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What is Leadership Coaching?

Coaching is an equal partnership that:

  • Focuses on what the coachee wants to achieve
  • Is forward focused
  • Operates on the belief that the person being coached is creative, resourceful and whole (i.e. has all the answers)!

A coach is less about telling you what to do and more about supporting you and your goals and holding you accountable to yourself.  They are a partner that has deep insight about people and how they work best.

Good coaching helps you:

  • Generate increased self and other insight
  • Reveal blind spots that may be hindering you
  • Discover obstacles and how to remove them
  • Take inspired action to achieve your goals

My story of how I learned about coaching

I was working in a Fortune 100 company designing leadership development opportunities for one thousand plus senior global leaders.  I was tasked with assessing the coaching that was happening around the company by external executive coaches, getting my hands on all the data I could about this new field, and determining if it had a role in our company or not.  “Coaching” had been used quietly for years as a way to fix “wayward” executives.  The company was spending large sums of money and wanted to be sure this was a worthy investment.

I was skeptical about the value of 1:1 Executive coaching in a culture that did not value the interpersonal skill set much.  Coaching as a field was still relatively new and I wasn’t sure how an outsider that knew nothing of the business could add much value for our leaders.  I thought I knew what coaching was all about (because heck I had been doing it on the job for years!).  Yes, I was arrogant!

I decided one way to find out about coaching was to get a coach myself and experience it.  My boss agreed and bought me a small package with an executive coach.  We first met in the lobby of a hotel as I insisted in meeting face to face.  He asked me a few questions and I answered as honestly as I could.  In less than 45 minutes of this back and forth with him mostly listening, he pretty much accurately summed me up in a way that no one had ever before or since.  It was as though he could see right through my shields and defenses to the real me.  I was astounded and shocked with what I had revealed.  I was impressed with his deep listening capability and way of sharing his observations so directly yet gently.  The experience left me hungry for more.  After I completed coaching with him, I went on to get professional coach training myself so I could bring the magic of coaching to others.  I also helped to develop internal coaches inside the business that could work at the middle levels of managers inside the company.

As a result of my research and experience, I designed and implemented a coaching pilot with 20+ leaders supported by the COO and tracked its effectiveness over 1.5 years.  The ROI (return on investment) data was in the triple digits (that’s really good!).  Not only did I know personally and professionally how impactful coaching was, I also had valid data from executives that it had direct bottom line impact and value for them professionally.  The program is still going on there today more than 15 years later!

Coaching with Lori:

Lori’s Coaching taps a deep well of experience and skill developed over 20+ years in the corporate world. She understands the dynamics, levers and politics in business and can help support you as you navigate your current role or your next desired role.  The people side of the business is her specialty.

No matter where you work, you work with people. Lori can help you excel at the interpersonal side of business, so that you can contribute at a higher level and get what you desire from your career.

Sample outcomes from working with Lori:

  • Be more effective with less effort and in alignment with your values
  • Lead others with more interpersonal savvy
  • Navigate the politics of organizational culture
  • Work more effectively with difficult co-workers
  • Take positive action based on your goals, your way
  • Get your boss to truly appreciate you (and get promo ready)
  • Transition successfully in or out of a role or organization
  • Love your work
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