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Set up a complimentary 30 minute coaching discovery session.

A coach acts as a thinking partner who listens deeply, supports you and your goals, and helps hold you accountable to yourself. The coaching process is less about telling you what to do and more about:


Generating increased self and other insight


Revealing blind spots that may be hindering you


Uncovering obstacles and deciphering how to deal with them effectively


Supporting you as you take inspired action to achieve your goals


Customized coaching that takes a deeper dive into your specific areas of growth and development. Individualized coaching will generate self and other insight, reveal obstacles you didn’t know were hindering you, and support you in designing inspired action to move you towards your goals.

Small Group

The energy and synergy of a group creates a source of community and wisdom, strengthened by others with a similar role, level and intention. Whether a group from the same company or different companies, group coaching is a way to access insight and get into action with a net of support that bolsters you as a woman leader doing big things. Experience what it is like for women to encourage each other.

Harmonic Leader Intensives

A customized 1:1 extended session focused on what you need right now to bring your aligned self into action. Get clear on your priorities, capitalizing on your personal strengths and values. Connect to your own best knowing and intuition, identify current obstacles and put a plan in place for yourself to take inspired action. Three and six-hour sessions available.

Values Intensive – Mini Coaching Package

Get a clear look at your values using a professional assessment. Know how your values influence your behavior, thinking and communication. Get two 1:1 coaching follow-up sessions to apply what you learned.

“Lori has an amazing skill to help you become confident in your own potential and abilities.”

“Lori inspires me to be a better person and to have confidence in myself.”

“Lori has an uncanny ability to cut through complicated situations and effectively communicate and encourage people in how to be their best and do their best.”

“Lori has the ability to lead others to deep understandings of themselves and their lives in ways that open new awareness and insight, and lead them gently to take inspired action that is aligned with who they truly are.”

“Lori is a brilliant coach, facilitator and author. She has a great way with words, vision and keeping goals in action. She is amazing!”

“Lori has a unique ability to guide people on their path to self-discovery – she does this in a loving, gentle and heartfelt manner.”

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