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“…the first word of association I make with your coaching is “opening” as it was part of an exercise that I did with you, I kept it in my daily planner for a long time.  The exercise was about linking goals with different postures and word associations with them.  Working with this type of exercise with opening or openness empowered me to bring much more of the private or non- work-related self into the office.  It was a more whole self thus yielding greater confidence with my superiors and dare I say leadership with my peers.  When the re-orgs started happening I was moved into a Strategic role along with my manager now as my peer. It was a lateral move for him, but a vertical move for me.  The work that got me noticed occurred at the same time that I was being coached by you.”


Business Professional

“Lori took me out of my comfort zone (in a gentle, non-threatening way) to explore my reactions to various situations, thereby allowing me to recognize when I was in discomfort.  Lori also provided a tool kit appropriate to me, containing several methods to immediately shift my responses (and thus the potential outcome) of the situations.  The net result of my time with Lori was a clarification of my priorities and passions.


Corporate leader

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