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Another year is winding down. It does feel that it is going faster even when I have experienced windows of time that felt slower than sitting sand too. Those are the times that I am not “busy” and have to decide how to invest my time. It can get dicey. Where to focus?  How to focus?  Why do I need to focus?  Like most of you, I have many avenues that vie for my attention. My daughter, family, home, pets, business, clients, writing, self-care, and the list goes on. Daily I must determine where to spend those few precious moments between the formal start/stop of my designated work day. The lines between work and life are blurry when you are a small business owner. For the most part though, I really don’t see this as an issue. I am not glued to my cell phone or computer all day every day, and I take time away from being a desk jockey (although arguably not enough). For me it always goes back to my purpose. How do I want to lead my life?

To keep myself reading fiction, I joined a book club. To keep myself giving back, I volunteer with an organization focused on developing young women into leaders and this year my daughter and I started to volunteer with a cat rescue agency to help homeless cats, providing them with love and care until they helpfully find a home. To keep my family value intact, I attend as many of my daughter’s extracurricular events as I can. To create community close to home, I plan gatherings in my neighborhood. To stay relevant, I network with women who are up to big things to keep me moving forward on my big dreams and ideas, and to bring in fresh insight and inspiration.

This year I have strategically focused more on the things I love to do, and less on those I don’t, giving myself permission to be more of who I really am. I work to stay aligned with my values and keep a focus on kindness. There are still days when it is not so easy. For me, it helps to keep reminders of what is important nearby, so that when I forget or get tangled up in something that pushes me away from that which is truly important, I have reminders along my path pulling me back to my key focus.

One of my favorite things is to help others in ways that keep them aligned with who they are and achieving what they aspire to achieve. This, is why I Coach professional women. From experience I know the challenges of working women. Whether you work for yourself or in big business, there can be a sense of loneliness, overwhelm and challenges staying aligned with your values and priorities. My own values and sense of priorities were often lost in the scramble to meet business goals or to keep my boss happy.

I truly believe the way you lead as a woman is your greatest strength. Sometimes to sustain that strength you need help. There is no time to waste, as the time to lead as a woman is now. If you’d like to stay out of overwhelm and lead a more fulfilling career or life, lets connect. My group coaching offer focused on doing that and more launches January 15th, meeting weekly virtually for 11 sessions.  Can you use some extra support to get your year off to a great start? It is the most affordable way you can work with me. Check out the details here:

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