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Social isolation is not new for me. I work virtually from home most of the time other than occasional client visits. My workload has dropped, and I’ve now been full time at home with my hubby and daughter & two furry ones for ~11 weeks. This week my mind has been restless, and yes, if I am to be honest, a bit bored. I have been reaching out, getting in touch, setting up connection dates, taking classes, reading, exercising, and organizing, thinking, reflecting, being patient, and managing my little family. I, like most want to help, contribute, and serve where I am best used.

Most of my career I followed the traditional achievement path, working long and hard on behalf of others, sacrificing myself, my health and well-being, and my relationships for “success.” I, like many, made my way through primarily using my rational mind, ignoring my heart and my body. Over time, I became a “neck up,” (one that lives primarily from their head.) This strategy paid well by some measures, but cost a lot in others, and now I know the costs outweighed the benefits.

Our minds like to run the show, often chastising us for doing too little. The current environment presents us with even more opportunities to notice where our minds go under duress. Whether you are in “less to do” or “so much to do you can’t see straight,” you are still YOU dealing with what is in front of you and how you are thinking about it. No matter what is swirling around us we must deal with the inner self.

I have learned that a more balanced partnership between our mind, heart and body is crucial if we are to live our best life. It is a synergy that if denied will trip you up, take you down or hand you a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction no matter what you achieve.

Here are a few key things I help my clients learn and act on:

  • Control is an illusion and the desire for it can wreak havoc
  • Humans have egos that when left in charge, often work from fear, and are rarely satisfied
  • Most women have highly developed inner critics that undermine confidence and success
  • Our hearts need to be more engaged in our work to create satisfaction, joy, and trust
  • The body is an important messenger that if ignored can take us down
  • Living from only the head can create less satisfaction and joy

These are unprecedented times. The learnings I have gained are even more important now. I ask you, how are you handling your inner world right now? It sounds simple, yet it is not. If you are looking to get yourself through this trying time more gracefully, I’d be happy to help. Go here to set up a free 1:1 to discuss. I am offering free one-hour sessions now instead of the normal 30 minutes. I can also coach groups, if you have a team you lead that is challenged right now.

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